Bullied to give chemotherapy for auto-immune disease

My son was diagnosed with Polyarticular idiopathic Juvenile arthritis. Within 3 months he had 27 joints affected. He was given many drugs, then steroids, then told me next was methotrexate. I refused. The doctors and consultants at GOSH and The Royal Alex (Brighton) got angry. I still refused, discharged him from GOSH and jumped on a plane to India. After a month there, he was much better. Was ordered to go back to the hospital, which I did. They then said now you’ll have the Methotrexate. I refused again. They threatened me with social services and court orders if he was not symptom free with 3 months (although they’d told me there was no cure and he’d never get better, be in wheel chair and be on drugs forever). Three months to the day later he was symptom free. I showed them blood results, they insisted on taking their own. They tried one last attempt at a steroid injection in last joint. I refused, told them to back off and let it go now and asked if they wanted to know how he got better? They did not and said they must have misdiagnosed.