Doctor shouts at father and appears disappointed at successful homebirth

My son was taken to the GP by his father. He was a baby, not yet 1, though I can’t remember exactly how old. I had decided he could have the polio vaccine but not the others. His father agreed to go along with whatever I decided as I had done lots of reading on it and he hadn’t. When he got there the GP tried to bully him into having the rest of the vaccines without my consent or knowledge, but he refused. Then the GP said that he would not give him the polio vaccine if he did not agree to have all the others too. Again, his father refused. The GP lost his temper and started shouting at him, slamming his fist on the desk and shouting “It’s a scientific fact!” I was always slightly proud of his Dad for then shouting back “It used to be a scientific fact that the world was flat but nobody fell off the f-ing edge!” After that I registered with a different surgery. I think it is relevant to add here that this same doctor was really against me having a home delivery, but I was adamant. When he came to do the GP check right after my son was born he was dying to say “I told you so.” He eagerly looked for reasons to show it had gone wrong, but in fact it had been an almost perfect birth, one of my most treasured experiences, and he was obviously disappointed that it had gone well, which is simply astounding.