Healthcare charity Consent wants to hear from you

Have you ever experienced conflict with medical professionals over your child’s healthcare?

Informed consent is a principle that empowers parents to make educated and informed decisions over their children’s health and medical care.

Your choices can sometimes lead to conflict with health professional who disagree with your decision. While they are required to remain respectful towards you, this does not always happen.

You may have experienced conflict around birth choices, vaccination choices, managing medication, or even managing fevers. If so, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for parents who are willing to tell their story, to help us inform other families.

Would you be prepared to share your story with us?

We are also looking for parents willing take part in an educational video featuring their story, alongside practical advice from  legal and healthcare professionals.

Please get in touch if you think you can help.


About Consent

Consent was established in response to growing demand from parents to educate on matters of valid consent in healthcare and to promote mutual understanding between parents and healthcare professionals

Our mission is to:

  • educate parents and medical professionals on law, policy, professional standards and best practice relating to parental rights and informed consent in the care and treatment of children
  • provide support to parents in making decisions relating to their child’s care and treatment
  • promote understanding of parental rights and informed consent between medical staff, social workers, parents and other relevant persons