I was shocked at the obvious lack of information and advise I was given

I just thought I would share my experience with trying to get vaccine information when my child was a baby.

I was very up for getting my baby vaccinated when I met a mother with some terrible experiences and child death. I decided to look into it further and, as my son’s father has an auto immune disease I was advised to look further into vaccines and autoimmune. I decided to keep my first vaccination appointment to ask the doctor about my concerns.

I asked the doctor if she could provide me with the vaccine insert (which is a lawful obligation that medical professionals have to provide for any drug) and she said that she didn’t think she had one. She eventually pulled one out of her bin! I asked her whether she provided this to parents pre-vaccination and she said that they had never been asked for it.

I told the doctor about my concerns and asked her opinions on it and where I could find more information so that I could make an unbiased informed decision and she told me that there was no reason I couldn’t get my child vaccinated, that it was perfectly safe and she strongly advised me to do it there and then.

Throughout the conversation I was shocked at the obvious lack of information and advise I was given.

I do think that we should be given more information and open access to medical research.