Mum leaves surgery in tears and dreads taking children to GP

This is not about one single incident but how I have been made to feel in general by NHS professionals about my vaccination choices for my children. My health visitor and my GP told me that parents who decided not to vaccinate were ‘selfish’. The same health visitor suggested that I just let my child have the Polio as it was not an injection and just a drop on the tongue. My GP was very intimidating and insisted on showing me graphs and inferring that I was just another parent who had been influenced by Andrew Wakefield – he made me feel as if I was very stupid. Another doctor warned me that my baby only had to get a cut playing in the garden and she could be dead in 48 hours without the DTP vaccination. The receptionist asked me if my children would be allowed to go to school. On more than one occasion I left the GP surgery in tears, feeling upset and fearful, and then doubting my decisions. I got to the point where I dreaded taking my children to the GP as I knew they would bring up the fact that I had refused vaccinations, even when the reason for the appointment was completely unrelated. My youngest child had to be taken into hospital with pneumonia when she was 6 years old and the GP inferred that it was probably because she hadn’t had her baby vaccinations.