New Water Fluoridation Bill Becomes Law

  • Government will be able to order fluoridation of drinking water
  • UK’s ‘safe level’ for tap water is already too high in many areas
  • Consultation asks your opinion on how the law is implemented

Our charity campaigns for parental consent in health interventions and medicines. You normally have a choice when it comes to agreeing to a medical treatment but once this new law receives royal assent, choice is almost eliminated. The government will be able to order water companies to add fluoride to your drinking water.

Buying bottled water for a family isn’t a sustainable option for most and isn’t recommended for adding to baby formula, for example. Some may look at filtered options, but most filters do not filter fluoride. This is not a straight forward choice and it can also be expensive. On the topic of quality of our tap water, a basic daily human need for which we pay, we felt it vital to let you know what may be mandated soon.

Currently, the UK already has a potential health issue with tap water.
Nearly half of the 45 samples showed contamination with ‘forever chemicals’ which are linked to a range of diseases, including cancer.

“Scientists are concerned that the allowable levels of toxic PFAS – known as “forever chemicals” – in UK drinking water are too high.”

These chemicals are in many products such as non-stick pans, food packaging, carpets, furniture and firefighting foam.
Additional to these forever chemicals, the new Health and Care Act will allow ministers to order water fluoridation so that water companies have to add fluoride-containing compound chemicals into our drinking water supply.

The current public consultations does not ask whether or not you agree with this. The bill has passed and is awaiting Royal Assent. However, the government will have to conduct further consultations before establishing new water fluoridation schemes and today they want to know your view on how to conduct these.

You can find it under the following link. There are only two questions.

Water fluoridation is a mass medical intervention intended to reduce tooth decay. Like many such vogue interventions, the assumption is that it will have certain benefits with no unintended negative consequences. However it remains controversial and even the benefits of fluoride on dental health is not undisputed. Since 2014 fluoride varnish has been part of many check-up visits to the dentist. Sometimes parents aren’t even asked their permission before their children’s teeth are coated with a fluoride coating. But this study shows no benefit for most:

Naturally occurring fluoride are not the same as the chemical added to water. Please check the comparisons made here:


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