Pressure against homebirth

Our first baby, born September 2010. Was booked for homebirth. We were initially advised by the community midwife that it would depend who was on-call when I went into labour whether a homebirth would be supported. Low iron levels from 36 weeks meant I was constantly pressured to change my choice to hospital birth which I refused. I was overdue only 3 days and met with the clinic doctor who tried to force me into an induction which I refused. He provided me with only worst-case scenario outcomes and as I remained steadfast, he asked me to sign a form that the hospital had provided me with the appropriate advice which I had refused. It felt like decisions were made to avoid legal action rather than with due care. I had my homebirth in the end with no problems.
Our second baby, also a homebirth in November 2014. Again we were advised that this would not take place at home if the right mix of staff were not present when I went into labour. At 38 weeks I refused to have test for Strep B. Midwife then told me that I would be responsible for my baby’s death if I was a carrier and baby caught it. She then asked me if I was strong enough to make this decision. I’ve never been so angry with a person in my life. I was totally disgusted. I had to then wait 20 minutes after saying I wouldn’t change my mind while she found a form for me to sign to say I’d refused screening and the hospital took no liability. I had a successful homebirth again second time around with no problems.