Have you ever made a healthcare decision for your child which went against the advice of your doctor or other healthcare professional? Examples: Delaying or declining a medication, a vaccine or a medical procedure, discharge from hospital, seeking treatment abroad, insisting on breast feeding or a natural birth?
Do you believe, with the benefit of hindsight, that you were being reasonable in making your decision?
Did you feel the healthcare professional(s) involved
Did the professionals involved
Have you ever felt threatened, harassed, put under pressure or stressed because of disrespect shown to you by healthcare professionals over your parental healthcare decisions?
Have you ever been contacted by social services because of a referral someone made in relation to your parental healthcare decision?
GMC (General Medical Council) rules state a doctor has to be "polite and considerate" and "treat patients fairly and with respect whatever their life choices and beliefs". In your situation how closely do you feel the healthcare professional followed this rule, with 5 being completely and 1 being not at all.
Did you feel at the time there was adequate support available to you either from the NHS or other organisation?
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