Act now!

You may have heard reports on social media of children coerced into having the C19 vaccine despite their parents’ refusal. If even half of these are true, this is alarming.

Our legal team is ready to bring a test case to court against this practice and we have instructed Jeremy Hyam QC to help us. Currently, children and teenagers can override their parents decision in school and they will not necessarily do so for the right reasons. Try and remember what you were like at 12 and how much of this current controversy you would have understood or, frankly, cared about. This needs to stop.

However, we can only support a family with a real case. We cannot challenge the practice in principle without a claimant. We are inviting parents to use our pre-action letter and then get in touch with us. Much of the vaccination rollout has already taken place but there is still time and there will be booster vaccines in the future and quite possibly vaccinations for younger children too.

Challenging consent of 12-15 year olds in court means vaccination information and practices are heard on the legal stage. It can keep the topic in the public domain and therefore keep up pressure on schools and immunisation teams to engage with parents. Moreover, it could reshape the legal landscape of so-called Gillick competence for all healthcare interventions in the future and ensure proper, balanced information is given to parents.

If your child has already received the vaccine without your consent, we still want to hear from you.


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